Opera 10.70 Build 9044 Development Snapshot


这是一个开发版,不推荐普通用户使用,仅供测试。此版本存在着很多已知问题,可能会造成崩溃或者数据丢失,甚至无法正常使用。请勿覆盖之前的版本,并在备 份数据后安装使用。开发版更新会比较频繁,新版都会修复一些 bug 和安全问题,如果您希望测试开发版,请注意保持更新.

Changes in in Opera 10.70 Build 9044 Development Snapshot:
    * A big Core update. This means that the PResto version number is now updated to 2.6.34. Apart from various fixes, there is also a improved opera:plugins page.
    * MSI upgrades should now work again!
    * The Unix people worked on the packaging for Unix builds (including smaller deb and tar packages, better integration with desktop environments and window managers after initial install and new --prefix and --repackaging options for the tar packages).
    * Start bar blankness should be cured.
    * Mac fixes
    * And a bunch of other fixes.

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